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The shoper now are maintaining the legacy of awarding high prices in the small business of selling and buying jewelry for more than twenty years. The opening of new branches in most of the areas of Delhi NCR is now letting us reach a high number of people that are gaining the trust of the people who are coming to sell gold and earn money.

Feel free with the daily stress that is disturbing you regarding the deal of the ornaments because now the tycoons of the ornaments buying world have arrived near you and they are being the legends and the highest payers of gold we are the leading second-hand jewelry buyers in Delhi NCR. New initiatives had been taken with the assessment process to make it harmless and fast so that money can be handover immediately.

The trading of precious metals had been always a trend and from more than twenty years we are the part of these trends and also helping people in following the way to earn high funds. Defending the traditional jewelers in the price they were offering at the same time saving the person who are willing to sell silver, gold, diamond, platinum, and other costlier stones and wish to receive the highest cash against gold or the highest cash against silver from the fraudsters and the pawnbrokers who are waiting to cheat these type of people. Here you are having the flexibility of dealing as well as stopping the deal any time you don’t want to proceed and can take back the ornaments without giving any amount for it.

Why Shoper Now

The changing markets are demanding to change your way of trading and we are the change available with all the needs as we have the facilities of trading with the help of internet so a person can use it to sell gold online, we are different with others as we give priority to the customer satisfaction either the deal is small or big.

Hence, we offer a great variety of services to accommodate everything. Starting from our online service, you can easily know more about our service to our telephonic service; we are available 24×7 to help you with any of your queries. With your single click, we will provide a free home pick-up service.

To sell gold online the staffs at our customer care services will be always ready in a helping mood, helping is not the end you can call us 24X7 to know the details of the exchange you are thinking to do with us or you can call us to know the current rate of gold in Delhi NCR.

The assessment of the articles is part of the procedure and so it will be initiated and ended in front of the customer in a fully transparent way so that faith can be gained and knowledge about the percentage of purity and mass will be gained with the help of karat meter.

The secured and safe transaction medium will be used to provide the returns as soon as possible it will be the last procedure after the customer will be agreed with the quotes provide by the experts and feel free to negotiate because the gold purchasers are always ready for the negotiations.

The thinking that is striking the customer’s mind when they have to sell gold or to sell silver is that how much they are going to earn after the end of the entire procedure of buying of articles process, solving the query we must tell you that here the returns offered can be 100% this is possible because we don’t have any hidden charges, earning of some extra costs is also possible in the time of festival or occasions.

Customer’s Benefits

Shoper now is the secure place to deal with all the precious metals like, diamond, platinum, silver zodiac stones in a simple manner but it will never reduce the profits that you are going to make after the deal.

The list of buying material is long and so it cannot be possible to explain it here still some of them are coins, bars, bullion, medals, trophies, watches, utensils, ornaments, sets, showpiece, etc. So you can sell more and more to us and we are capable of providing a high cost for them.